Pit of Doom


The Pit of Doom itself is a great lake of lava, the only place where the Pattern is thin enough to make the Bore detectable. The sky seen here is not the sky seen from outside. Instead, the sky contains clouds of multiple colors that are seen to race across the sky with impossible speed. This is where the Dreadlords swore oath to the Dark One. The True Power of the Dark One is most concentrated here; any who dared channel it would be instantly incinerated. The Dark One resides here, if the Pattern can be said to hold such a being. At the very least, this is the only place in the pattern that the Dark One can exert his will at full strength, even bending reality. Any who channel there without permission are punished. Some things are only possible here; such as the enslavement of a soul in the form of a item:mindtrap.

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