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Picture Source: Pochozersky Church, Arkhangelsk, Russia

The nation of Kandor is one of the four nations of the Borderlands, lying between Saldaea and Arafel. The capital Chachin lies near the northern border, just south of the Plain of Lances.

The government body of Kandor is a monarchy, with the seat of power called the Throne of the Clouds.
The current ruler of Kandor is Queen Ethenielle.

Kandori are famous merchants and have their own merchant guild, and are said to have strange ideas about debts and repayment. Kandori men are noted for wearing pearl earrings and forked beards. Kandori merchants wear chains across their chests.

Kandor maintains watch towers along the Blight. These towers use a mirror system to signal warnings of Shadowspawn to each other and inland to Chachin.

Barklan Tower
Farmay Tower
Heeth Tower
Rena Tower

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