Ebou Dar

A man is a maze of brambles in darkness, and even he does not know the way.

– saying in Ebou Dar

Capital City of location:altara

Ebou Dar is the capital city of Altara and her center of culture and commerce; Situated at the mouth of the River Eldar.Ebou Dar is a beautiful city with pale white buildings and plenty of canals. Transportation is easy on the passenger canal boats as well as on the broad streets and bridges. Large buildings and palaces are scattered throughout the city, the palaces richly decorated with tall spires or domes in the shapes of turnips or pears, emblazoned with bands of crimson, blue, and gold

Throughout the city, paved squares are very common, often containing a fountain bubbling water, a large statue, or both. Out of these squares, the Mol Hara square is by far the largest. At its center stands a statue of a woman with one arm raised as to point toward the sea. One entire side of the Mol Hara square is dominated by the gleaming white Tarasin palace, home of the current ruler.

Ebou Dar is a trading city that sees ships from ports all around the westlands. As a kingdom, Altara is highly decentralized- the Queen rules the city, but has little sway over the outling lands and nobility. As a trading city, however, Ebou Dar constantly welcomes the influx of foreign visors. Foreigners are given some leeway in matters of conduct because of their presumed ignorance, but that only extends so far.

Women in Altara are dominant, especially in Ebou Dar. In many situations an Altaran woman has the right to kill a man unquestioned and a single or married woman is only dishonored in adultery if she committed it with a married man. Knives and swords are an important part of Altaran life. Both men and women fight duels over trivial disputes, often with fatal results. Altaran women carry marriage knives, which serve both as a formal way to broadcast marital status (its color and decorations describe marital and motherly status), and an easy method of disciplining their men.
The city of Ebou Dar straddles the mouth of the River Eldar. The better part of the city lies on the western side while on the east is the Rahad where the less fortunate in life make their living. In the Rahad duels occur in the street every hour, and many eschew a formal fight for the simpler expediant of knifing an enemy in the back.
The weather is hot and humid,

of Altara, Queen Tylin. Despite being ruled by a Queen, and being the capital of Altara, the Queen's writ does not extend far beyond the cities walls.

Based on 16th Century Italian notions of :Honor
The system of Honor Altar is quite complex and far removed from any origination of Honor stemming from Virtue. The appearance and recognition of Honor by others is in fact MORE IMPORTANT then actual acts of nobility. Without recognition virtue is virtually meaningless. To this end, all social rules revolve around the minutia of properly addressing other peoples "points of honor" and not sullying your own honor in relation to those arround you by adhering to strict social etiquette.
With regard to the duel, that person was generally considered the most honorable is the one who displayed the greatest valor. As for wealth, it was held to be more honorable when acquired without the possessor’s own labor: according to some, he who labors in order to gain is avaricious. As to nobility which comes from birth, it was called the virtue of a family
honored by old and continuous distinction.

For example.
Nobles have an obligation to help those less fortunate then themselves.
However, being seen or discovered helping anyone is dishonorable and seen as "showing off" and defeating the virtue.
Therefore you must hide any attempt to help the less fortunate.
This over course is useless if no one knows of your good acts.
If you good acts are too easily discovered thou..then obviously you were showing off, and again you are dishonored.

Most have discovered that the best course of action is to subtly imply that you help the poor. And then do nothing.
This is doubly honorable as you fulfill your obligation to help those less fortunate in the eyes of your peers, and
if anyone tries to find out how, they can not find any trace, showing your great skill again building your honor.

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  • City of Duelists, or at the very least, Duelers.

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