One of the Borderland nations, Arafel is located between Kandor on the west and Shienar on the east. The capital of Arafel is the city of location:sholarbela. The current ruler is King Paitar Nachiman; his sister character:kirunanachiman is an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah, allied with the Salidar sisters.

As with all the Borderlands, Arafel is a martial nation. Arafellin men tend to wear two curved swords on their backs, one hilt protruding above each shoulder. Both genders wear their hair in long braids, with bells on the end. Sometimes they will also wear bells on their coat sleeves or dangling from the tops of their boots, as decoration.

Arafel's flag is made up of three white roses on a field of red, quartered with three red roses on a field of white.

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Picture Source: Mountains of Napal, Rolling Hills of Tuscany, and Buildings from Romania.

  • Regional Southern Accent

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