Portal Stone


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Portal Stones are gray cylinders covered in hundreds of archaic characters, each symbol corresponding to another stone in the 'network.' Those wielding the One Power can use them to travel to other realities or other possible timelines or simply other locations in this world, by channeling into the appropriate symbol.
Study of portal stones paved the way for the formation of the Ways; perhaps the Ways are even in another, otherwise empty world, found by a portal stone. No one is sure; Aes Sedai have long forgotten.

On the continent of Seanchan, portal stones were used to bring back creatures such as grolm and raken to aid in the fight against Shadowspawn; afterward, these animals were made a regular part of the Seanchan army. It is believed that these animals were brought from a parallel world, or worlds. Or, perhaps the creatures were present in several different worlds including the real one, and just in different places after the timelines diverged.

Portal Stones pre-date the Age of Legends

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Known Locations
Near Hardan
Kinslayer's Dagger
The Aiel Waste - this is likely the one at Rhuidean
Stedding Tsofu
Toman Head
Four are located near Tear
The Jehannah Road[


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