Brown Coat
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Picture Source: Firefly

This brown leather coat is actually a potent ter'angreal of unknown origin

  • The item will not show as magical even via magical detection
  • Does not require channeling to use
  • Activates after regularly wear the coat for one season on the Ocean
    • Will not function henceforth for anyone else until the Proper owner relinquishes ownership of the jacket
  • Item will twist the threads of fate to prevents the owner from dying to ocean events
    • e.g. After capsize he might survive an power inspired storm and wash up on an deserted island. Before his water runs out he falls and rolls down the hill and finds a fresh spring. Before the season is over another ship was hit by a storm and landed on the isle for repair and decided to take him with them.
  • Reduce all fatal criticals to the nearest non-fatal result
    • So if a Critical Result says "Falls on the Ground, bones reduced to jelly, perishes in 25 painful rounds of inactivity" just go down the table till you find the next non-fatal result. Even if the result is "character looses all limbs in the explosion and now Bleeds at 75 hits per round. Should the character recover permanent brain damage reduces him to a gibbering fool."

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