Bowl of the Winds

All three Dreamwalkers had this dream, which makes it especially significant. Rain… coming from a bowl. There are snares and pitfalls around the bowl. If the right hands pick it up, they will find a treasure perhaps as great as the bowl. In the wrong hands the world is doomed. The key to finding the bowl is to find the one who is no longer.1"


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Picture Source: Vintage Murano Glass Bowl - Pink

During the Age of Legends, the weather was carefully regulated by Aes Sedai using various weather ter'angreal. None of the ter'angreal were strong enough on their own to affect the weather of the entire planet, yet through the use of several, the Aes Sedai of the Age of Legends were able to keep close control over the weather.

One of these ter'angreal was held by the ancestors of the Atha'an Miere. They used the bowl to survive the seas during the Breaking of the World. Somehow the bowl was lost and for 2,000 years sat in a store room of group:thekin in Ebou Dar. The bowl became a legend among the Atha'an Miere and was thought lost or destroyed. During this time the Atha'an Miere learned to control the weather to a degree that according to Ishamael should have required a weather ter'angreal.

  • A powerful bowl-shaped ter'angreal which allows its users to control the weather.
    • In RM Terms it amplifies weather control spells
  • It draws both saidin and saidar, no matter which is being channeled at it
    • It is unknown if its behavior is different if Saidin is used or if both were used
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