Skill Changes
  • Demon/Devil Lore - now deals with matters relating to the Shadowspawn. Darkhound, Trollocs, Myrddraal, etc., and the various quarks and dangers of the Blight.
  • Dragon Lore - now deals specifically with the Karaethon Cycle (The Prophecies of the Dragon)
  • Fairy Lore - is the rarest lore of all, and it deals with independent supernatural forces. Things such as the Eelfinn, Aelfinn, and the Green Man
  • Power Point Development ranks now determine what level spells you can cast.
  • Two Weapon Combo is treated similar to Riding - it is the % of OB the character can use (Caps at 100%)
    • Cost equal to total cost of the 2 weapons
    • Total % includes level and rapid development bonuses
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