Skill Additions
  • Human Perception: Social Skill, same cost as "Leadership"
    • This is the ability to judge someone's inner character/nature, the ability to measure someone's capability.
    • "Kallian only spared a fleeting glance towards the new recruit before dismissing him outright. In his careful hand he noted in the ledger 'This recruit is untrustworthy; Lacking in discipline and prone to anger. He will only destroy the unity of the company.'"
  • The Flame and the Void: Concentration Skill, same cost as "Focus" - upon a successful Static Action Roll for the rest of the scene he adds the Rank he has in this skill + his SD Bonus to all actions depending on physical perception or emotional/muscle control.
    • The ability to enter a zen like state that buffers him against the instability of his emotions and the weakness of his flesh. In this state the character is in harmony with himself. All concerns - emotions, thoughts, even the concerns of life and death - falls away leaving only the focus perception of reality as it is, in the present moment. Pain and Fear become merely passing phenomena. He becomes one with his body and his environment - reacting without thought and with deadly precision.
    • This skill is very rare and is the sign of having had exceptional training
    • Those who lack the temperament and/or mentor learn the "Focus" Skill instead of this one
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