Saidar (pronounced: sah-ih-DAHR) is the female half of the One Power. Unlike the more violent saidin, saidar is said to be a "river of Power" which must be surrendered to or "embraced" in order to gain control.


Female channelers can tell when other women are touching the Source; a white glowing aura appears around their body, this visual clue can be seen by any woman capable of channeling - be they wilders or Aes Sedai. In the testing to see if you can channel, a woman channels a simple weave and waits. Within five minutes if a woman has the spark, the woman can try to channel the flow, and the test is confirmed. It takes longer for those who only can only learn. Though those of extraordinary power who possess the spark can be detected by proximity even without the testing weave.

Saidar is described as gentle, but infinitely powerful; a force which will do what you wish it to, but requires patience and submission to guide its power. Surrender is necessary to gain it, and women universally speak of it as "embracing" the Power.

There is almost no way for a woman to tell when a man is channeling barring the use of an Ter'angreal. Even without Ter'angreal there exist weaves (spells) that can identify the residues of Saidin.

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