Rolemaster Rule System Changes

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House Rules

  • Starting characters get full dice value for Body Development
  • Reroll any stat under 30 during character development

Background Clarification

  • Lightning Strike: Instead of 150% OB on 2 attacks, it is now "able to make 2 attack/parry of 75% Normal OB"

Combat Clarification

  • Each Combat Round is 10 Seconds = 6 Rounds Per Minute
  • Non-instant spell casting speed is based on the level of the spell vs the Power Point Development skill rank of the caster
    • 3 Rounds for Spells that are 0-4 levels lower than the character's PPD Rank
    • 2 Rounds for Spells that are 5-9 levels lower than the character's PPD Rank
    • 1 Round for Spells that are 10 levels lower than the character's PPD Rank
  • Unless "Instant," spells take effect in spell phase of next round after it finish casting
    • That is why spell phase is the first phase (since it was started last round)
  • Characters can "pre-cast" a spell and hold it. Turning it into an Instant Spell after finish casing
    • While holding the character is assumed to be "holding" the one power (see below)
  • Character can also just "hold" the one power costing 1 Exhaustion point every 6 round (1 minute)
    • Higher level spells are not any harder to hold than lower level spells. Only the time it takes to form the weave differs. Once formed the wave is just as easy to maintain be it level 5 or level 1.
  • While the one power is held the character gains +15 [Enhanced Awareness Bonus] to all Perception Rolls, all Concentration Skill Rolls, and Non-Physical Resistance Rolls.

Magical Item Changes

  • Items wrought via mystical means are just items. They have no separate category
    • A +30 Sword of unparalleled sharpness that never dulls is not a Magical item, even though it is made with the One Power.
  • Items that have magical functions are now called Ter'angreal (pronounced: tear-ANH-gree-all)
    • These objects of the One Power that perform specific functions. Such as a Ring that grants the wearer Fire Resistance, or a Necklace that allows the wearer to overhear conversations at a point within 300 feet.
    • Many Ter'angreal does not require the expenditure of the One Power to use, and there for can be used by anyone
  • PP Multipliers and Spell adders are now called Angreal (Pronounced: ANH-gree-all)
    • Angreals are no longer profession or realm specific. They are now sex specific - enhancing either the male or the female One Power.
    • Spell Adders function as normal - negating the exhaustion cost of the spell they are used on
    • PP Multipliers remain what they are. Since your maximum per round expenditure is equal to your Power Point Development skill, PP Multipliers now allow you to cast spells beyond your normal limit.
    • Let say David has 4 Ranks in Power Point Development. He has gotten hold of a 4x PP Multipler. It means every Exhaustion Point he spent is equal to 4 points now. So he can now cast upto level 16 spells (4 PPD Rank x4 PP Mutlipler = max of 16 Exhaustion Point a turn). So let say he wants to cast a level 10 spells, it means he needs to spent 3 PP. 3x4=12, the extra 2 point is wasted.
    • PP Multipliers can now be decimals. 1.3, 1.5, 2.5 2.8, etc. Most are only around 1.1-1.3-ish.
  • Any PP Multiplier higher than 3 are called Sa'angreal (pronounced: san-ANH-gree-all)
  • Most Angreals and Sa'angreals are buffered and prevents the character from hurting oneself from drawing too much of the One Power.
    • Those who channel using one of these item will not risk death from total exhaustion.

Magic Use

  • Exhaustion penalties will be enforced
    • -10 for every 10% Exhaustion used, offset by SD bonus
  • Spells now cost Exhaustion Points as oppose to Power Points
  • Spells are now all individual skill development - you no longer learn lists, but instead individual spells.
    • There is no pre-requisit. You can learn Blade Turn III without ever learning I or II
  • Your spell strength is based on your level
  • Your spell access is based on your Power Point Development
    • It does not automatically raise with your level
    • It also means you can rapid develop
    • A level 10 Mage with 15 ranks in Power Point Development means his spells are level 10 in strength (e.g. 1 min per level), but he can cast upto level 15 spells.
    • GM might want to lower the cost of this skill for non-spell users. Maybe just the 1st rank cost for Semis, but cannot rapid develop.
  • The three realms now represents specialties and not as differentiated sources of power
  • There exist only 2 sources of Power
    • The One Power - "Evil" lists cast with the One Power are at -25 Base Spell Attack
      • Women use the female half of the One Power (Saidar) and is weak in manipulating Fire and Earth
      • Men use the male half of the One Power (Saidin) and is weak with Air and Water
      • Strength in the Element of Spirit is equally shared and relatively rare in both
      • These are global average differences. Individual strength vary.
      • The two halves are not similar and one cannot teach the other how to channel - even if their spells have the same effect, the path and principles by which they reach the end is completely alien to each other.
      • The Difference governs Spell Lists Access and not mechanical effects.
        • For Example a 10 Rank Power Point Developement Female Channler may learn Air Wall, but it takes a 15 Rank Male Channeler to learn.
    • The "True" Power - "Good" lists cast with the "True" Power are at -25 Base Spell Attack
  • The ability to wield power cannot be forced. One simply has it or one does not. It is determined by Birth
    • Not everyone automatically develop spells, the rare few develops it on their own (these are called Wilders) - and this process is very dangerous and usually causes the death of those around them as their power manifest unchecked to deadly consequence. Even the process itself is dangerous to the bearer since they will be wrecked with fevor, weakness, fatigue, and vertigo as their body adapts to this new infusion of energy. Though this process is rarely deadly.
    • Rest can be trained to use spells
  • Some have specializations, and within this specialization they can do enormous capacity
    • In game terms they can cast a specific (or specific set) of spells that are beyond their level
  • Spell Casting is visible to those who can channel the appropriate energy source.
    • Female Spell Casters can see casting of female spells - as nimbus of white light around the caster and threads of the one power being weaved into the spell in the form of an intricate weave.
    • The male casters can do the same with male spells

Modifier Changes

  • Bonuses of the same type no longer stack
    • Though exceptions were made for Background Options
      • It might be better to have those stat bonuses belonging to a type as well so in case another modifier in the future comes in conflict with it.
  • Each bonuses are now required to have a type, though there is no pre-determined list
    • Void and Flame is a Focus Type Bonus, so it will not stack with another Focus type bonus (such as Focus Skill)
    • Warder Cloak is a Visibility/Invisiblity Bonus, so it will not stack with Invisibility or being in Shadow Bonus
    • a Ter'angreal might grant the bearer +25 to Initiative for Precognition, the character might have the Background "Battle Reflexes" assigned as "Superior Reaction Speed" so those will stack, granting a +55 Initiative bonus. Alternatively if a Ter'angreal grants a +20 bonus for "Enhanced Reaction Speed" then it will not stack with the +30 from Battle Reflexes. The character will use the higher of the 2, thus the +30 from Battle Reflexes.
  • When 2 bonuses overlap use the higher of the 2 bonuses
    • So if being in deep shadow modifies Hide by 50, and the Warder cloak affects hide by 75 then you use the +75 bonus.
  • This applies to items as well.
    • So if a Sword has +30 Bonus from Enchantment and +50 bonus from Material, and a spell like "Golden Warrior Blade" which is an "Enchantment Bonus" then it will not stack with the existing Enchantment Bonus. But it will stack with the Material Bonus.

Skill Additions

  • Human Perception: Social Skill, same cost as "Leadership"
    • This is the ability to judge someone's inner character/nature, the ability to measure someone's capability.
    • "Kallian only spared a fleeting glance towards the new recruit before dismissing him outright. In his careful hand he noted in the ledger 'This recruit is untrustworthy; Lacking in discipline and prone to anger. He will only destroy the unity of the company.'"
  • The Flame and the Void: Concentration Skill, same cost as "Focus" - upon a successful Static Action Roll for the rest of the scene he adds the Rank he has in this skill + his SD Bonus to all actions depending on physical perception or emotional/muscle control.
    • The ability to enter a zen like state that buffers him against the instability of his emotions and the weakness of his flesh. In this state the character is in harmony with himself. All concerns - emotions, thoughts, even the concerns of life and death - falls away leaving only the focus perception of reality as it is, in the present moment. Pain and Fear become merely passing phenomena. He becomes one with his body and his environment - reacting without thought and with deadly precision.
    • This skill is very rare and is the sign of having had exceptional training
    • Those who lack the temperament and/or mentor learn the "Focus" Skill instead of this one

Skill Changes

  • Demon/Devil Lore - now deals with matters relating to the Shadowspawn. Darkhound, Trollocs, Myrddraal, etc., and the various quarks and dangers of the Blight.
  • Dragon Lore - now deals specifically with the Karaethon Cycle (The Prophecies of the Dragon)
  • Fairy Lore - is the rarest lore of all, and it deals with independent supernatural forces. Things such as the Eelfinn, Aelfinn, and the Green Man
  • Power Point Development ranks now determine what level spells you can cast.
  • Two Weapon Combo is treated similar to Riding - it is the % of OB the character can use (Caps at 100%)
    • Cost equal to total cost of the 2 weapons
    • Total % includes level and rapid development bonuses
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