Rolemaster Laws


  • Attacking requires 50% Activity of the Round
  • Those who can make multiple attacks use less
    • Each Lightning Strike cost 25% Activity
    • if Blademaster makes 2 attacks, that means each attack cost 25% activity

Encumbrance Penalty

  • Applies only to dead weight (things that are carried and not worn, armor have their own Penalties which superceeds these)
  • While theoretically the rule system does not have a maximum lift penalty I made a rough cap in RM Character Excel Sheet
  • Each Weight Allowance is -10
  • This penalty modifies movement directly
  • Strength can be used to cancel this penalty
    • David can walk just as fast carrying 6x his Weight Allowance (around 110 lbs) though he cannot run anymore
  • So on average a person will have a movement rate of 0 if he is carrying 5x his weight allowance.


  • -10 to all actions for each 10% of Exhaustion consumed
  • This makes WoW: Fatigue a very powerful skill, since it resets this entire penalty


  • Manuver is your base movement rate from the spreadsheet + Encumbrance Penalty + Armor Qu Penalty
    • Armor Qu Penalty and Encumbrance Penalty are individually offset by Strength Bonus
    • The final is your actual base movment, this is the value that is multiplied by the Pace Modifier
  • Roll the maneuver and any result under 100% is the final movement allowance, anything over 100 is 100%
    • The rolling of maneuver for actual movement is during pressured situations, it is assumed increase pace automatically succeeds in a casual situation
    • this can be replaced with Sprinting Skill (using the modifiers)
  • -1 to all actions for each % of movement consumed
    • This is the movement total based on their current pacing. So a person with normal movement rate of 50 but is dashing can run for 125 yards and suffer -50 to all activity, as opposed to -250.
  • Base movement rate assumes 100% activity devoted to moveing
    • thus can move 50% movement allowance and still attack
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