Power Wrought Weapon

You’ve heard the gleeman’s tales. The reality is enough. Blades that will not shatter or break, and never lose their edge. I’ve seen men sharpening them-playing at sharpening, as it were- but only because they could not believe a sword did not need it after use. All they ever did was wear away their oilstones.

  • Power Wrought Weapon are simply weapons that have magical enchantment bonuses
  • Though some magical material that require magic forging also count
    • Such as Laen, Eog, Glavorn
  • Contrary to popular belief Power Wrought Blades are not indestructible
    • But since they have magical bonuses they resist damage as base level their +Bonus and modified by additional powers. This effectively makes them all but indestructible

Wikied Power Wrought Weapons

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