Modifier Changes
  • Bonuses of the same type no longer stack
    • Though exceptions were made for Background Options
      • It might be better to have those stat bonuses belonging to a type as well so in case another modifier in the future comes in conflict with it.
  • Each bonuses are now required to have a type, though there is no pre-determined list
    • Void and Flame is a Focus Type Bonus, so it will not stack with another Focus type bonus (such as Focus Skill)
    • Warder Cloak is a Visibility/Invisiblity Bonus, so it will not stack with Invisibility or being in Shadow Bonus
    • a Ter'angreal might grant the bearer +25 to Initiative for Precognition, the character might have the Background "Battle Reflexes" assigned as "Superior Reaction Speed" so those will stack, granting a +55 Initiative bonus. Alternatively if a Ter'angreal grants a +20 bonus for "Enhanced Reaction Speed" then it will not stack with the +30 from Battle Reflexes. The character will use the higher of the 2, thus the +30 from Battle Reflexes.
  • When 2 bonuses overlap use the higher of the 2 bonuses
    • So if being in deep shadow modifies Hide by 50, and the Warder cloak affects hide by 75 then you use the +75 bonus.
  • This applies to items as well.
    • So if a Sword has +30 Bonus from Enchantment and +50 bonus from Material, and a spell like "Golden Warrior Blade" which is an "Enchantment Bonus" then it will not stack with the existing Enchantment Bonus. But it will stack with the Material Bonus.
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