Magical Item Changes
  • Items wrought via mystical means are just items. They have no separate category
    • A +30 Sword of unparalleled sharpness that never dulls is not a Magical item, even though it is made with the One Power.
  • Items that have magical functions are now called Ter'angreal (pronounced: tear-ANH-gree-all)
    • These objects of the One Power that perform specific functions. Such as a Ring that grants the wearer Fire Resistance, or a Necklace that allows the wearer to overhear conversations at a point within 300 feet.
    • Many Ter'angreal does not require the expenditure of the One Power to use, and there for can be used by anyone
  • PP Multipliers and Spell adders are now called Angreal (Pronounced: ANH-gree-all)
    • Angreals are no longer profession or realm specific. They are now sex specific - enhancing either the male or the female One Power.
    • Spell Adders function as normal - negating the exhaustion cost of the spell they are used on
    • PP Multipliers remain what they are. Since your maximum per round expenditure is equal to your Power Point Development skill, PP Multipliers now allow you to cast spells beyond your normal limit.
    • Let say David has 4 Ranks in Power Point Development. He has gotten hold of a 4x PP Multipler. It means every Exhaustion Point he spent is equal to 4 points now. So he can now cast upto level 16 spells (4 PPD Rank x4 PP Mutlipler = max of 16 Exhaustion Point a turn). So let say he wants to cast a level 10 spells, it means he needs to spent 3 PP. 3x4=12, the extra 2 point is wasted.
    • PP Multipliers can now be decimals. 1.3, 1.5, 2.5 2.8, etc. Most are only around 1.1-1.3-ish.
  • Any PP Multiplier higher than 3 are called Sa'angreal (pronounced: san-ANH-gree-all)
  • Most Angreals and Sa'angreals are buffered and prevents the character from hurting oneself from drawing too much of the One Power.
    • Those who channel using one of these item will not risk death from total exhaustion.
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