Combat Clarification
  • Each Combat Round is 10 Seconds = 6 Rounds Per Minute
  • Non-instant spell casting speed is based on the level of the spell vs the Power Point Development skill rank of the caster
    • 3 Rounds for Spells that are 0-4 levels lower than the character's PPD Rank
    • 2 Rounds for Spells that are 5-9 levels lower than the character's PPD Rank
    • 1 Round for Spells that are 10 levels lower than the character's PPD Rank
  • Unless "Instant," spells take effect in spell phase of next round after it finish casting
    • That is why spell phase is the first phase (since it was started last round)
  • Characters can "pre-cast" a spell and hold it. Turning it into an Instant Spell after finish casing
    • While holding the character is assumed to be "holding" the one power (see below)
  • Character can also just "hold" the one power costing 1 Exhaustion point every 6 round (1 minute)
    • Higher level spells are not any harder to hold than lower level spells. Only the time it takes to form the weave differs. Once formed the wave is just as easy to maintain be it level 5 or level 1.
  • While the one power is held the character gains +15 [Enhanced Awareness Bonus] to all Perception Rolls, all Concentration Skill Rolls, and Non-Physical Resistance Rolls.
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