They could see the first of the sails now. Turak’s fleet. Horse and troop transports, the usual league-long wake of garbage, sewage and corpses human and animal, the sharks and dhenrabi thrashing the waves. Any long journey by sea delivers an army foul of temper and eager to get to business. No doubt enough tales of depravity have reached them to scorch mercy from their souls.

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Picture Source: Himiji Castle, Crystal Throne is from FFXIII

  • Situated northwest of of Coruscant proper in the "countryside"
  • About a days ride by boat
  • The West Wing of the Main House is taken up by the Headquarters of organization:jordanaindustries
  • The rest of the Main House serves entertainment purposes, such as balls, dinner parties, and Guest lodging.
  • The Getaway Cabin is quaintly secluded from the main house by a row of well placed grand cedar trees. It is remodeled by Jordanna as the master's personal residence. It is complete with its own independent staff - personally governed by the Butler and Head Housemaid.
    • character:jordana's office and bedroom is in the corner with the second best view in the residence.
  • One of the possible lodging destinations for Zuko/Pebb

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