Five Great Captains of the Westlands

Apsalar would have her hands full, should she accept the role. An assassin’s skills might keep her alive, but they offered nothing of the intangible magnetism necessary to lead armies. Commanding armies was easy enough — the traditional structures ensured that, as the barely competent Suroth clearly showed — but leading was another thing entirely.

Fiddler could think of only a handful of people possessing that magnetic quality. Dassem Ultor, Prince K’azz D’Avore of the Crimson Guard, Caladan Brood and Dujek Onearm. Tattersail if she’d had the ambition. Likely Sha’ik herself. And Whiskeyjack.

As alluring as Apsalar was, the sapper had seen nothing of such force of personality. Competence, without a doubt. Quiet confidence as well. But she clearly preferred observing over participating — at least until the time came to draw the sticker. Assassins don’t bother honing their powers to persuade — why bother? She’ll need the right people around her…

The Five Great Captains is a collective name used for the five finest generals in the Westlands. They are known for their supreme skills in the ways of war and strategy.

In alphabetical order:

  1. Agelmar Jagad of Shienar, the Lord of location:faldara
  2. Davram Bashere, Marshal-General of the Saldaean army
  3. Gareth Bryne, Captain General of the group:queensguards in location:andor
  4. Pedron Niall, the Lord Captain Commander of the Children of Light
  5. Rodel Ituralde, commander of the armies of location:araddoman
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