More commonly known as "Warders"

But for their cloaks, the appearance and weaponry of the Gaidin are as diverse as the clothing and characters of group:aessedai-themselves: "No two wore the same kind of armor or carried the same sort of sword … One and all they wore the color-shifting cloak … first seen on Lan, the cloak that often seemed to fade into whatever was behind it. It did not make for easy watching…" <TGH: 2, 19, The Welcome>.

Made of fancloth, the Gaidin's fancloaks"… cover the wearer from head to foot … [for] an almost perfect camouflage." This artificial fabric, used for battle capes by soldiers of the Age of Legends, was "… able to duplicate its surroundings so faithfully as to make the wearer seem invisible." <RJWoT: 3, 36-38, The Age of Legends; also TSR: 26, 433, The Dedicated> Occasionally, however, it makes him conspicuous: "… a shimmering Warder's cloak that made him appear a disembodied head floating above a tall gray gelding that was not entirely there either, where the cloak draped its haunches." <WH: 7, 174, The Streets of Caemlyn>

Warders are traditionally trained at the White Tower so that, once their training has been completed, they may serve the Aes Sedai as bodyguards. In their training, they are brought to a pinnacle of swordplay; man for man, Warders are historically considered to be the finest fighters in the land. They are highly recognizable for their "color-shifting" cloaks, which are made of fancloth created by a ter'angreal recovered from the Age of Legends, and provide chameleonic camouflage for their wearers.

The Warder bond has distinct benefits for both parties. The bonded party (the Warder) gains greater stamina and physical prowess, a greater capacity to resist evil, and greater resistance to injury. The Aes Sedai, for her part, gains a bodyguard, confidant and ally-in-schemes who is intrinsically linked to her and whose behavior can be controlled (to some extent) through the bond. She is also able to draw on the warder's strength if needed. Both parties are able to sense the other's general location, physical well-being and, to some extent, emotional state. Of course, this in itself can cause problems, should one party or the other become intoxicated or involved in romantic liaisons. Death is also a major occupational hazard; if one member of the bond is killed, the other suffers extreme emotional trauma, to the point that most orphaned Warders lose all will to live, and often throw away their lives in a berserker rage.

  • Situated northwest of of Coruscant proper in the "countryside"
  • About a days ride by boat
  • The West Wing of the Main House is taken up by the Headquarters of organization:jordanaindustries
  • The rest of the Main House serves entertainment purposes, such as balls, dinner parties, and Guest lodging.
  • The Getaway Cabin is quaintly secluded from the main house by a row of well placed grand cedar trees. It is remodeled by Jordanna as the master's personal residence. It is complete with its own independent staff - personally governed by the Butler and Head Housemaid.
    • character:jordana's office and bedroom is in the corner with the second best view in the residence.
  • One of the possible lodging destinations for Zuko/Pebb

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