Spilled blood stained the worn cobbles under the arched north gate and a scatter of wooden toys lay broken and crushed to either side of the causeway. From somewhere close the screams of children dying.

"We can't do this," David said, all the color gone from his face. He rode at James' side, Alanna holding her mount close behind them. Looters and armed men appeared now and then farther down the street, but the way into the square seems strangely open. A haze of smoke hung over everything, and the burned out shell of merchant stores and residences gaped desolation on all sides.

They rode amidst scorched furniture, shattered pottery and ceramics, and bodies twisted in postures of violent death. The children's dying screams, off to their right, had mercifully stopped, but other, more distant screams rose eerily from the City's heart.

Even the Arafellin gelding hesitated at the square’s edge. The bodies covering the cobbles numbered several hundred. Old men and old women, and children, for the most part. They had all been savagely cut to pieces or, in some cases, burned alive. The stench of sun-warmed blood, bile and seared flesh hung thick in the square.


Picture Of: A Metal Concert (I think) and Vancouver's Hockey Riot

Dragonsworn is the name given to a group of people who have sworn to serve and fight for the Dragon Reborn. The term is applied whether the Dragon they have sworn to follow is Rand al'Thor or a False Dragon like Taim or Logain.

Often times the Dragonsworn are no more than rioting peasants. Many of these groups have never had any political contact with the Dragon and frequently cause pandemonium in the land in misguided loyalty and airing of personal hatreds. As a result clash frequently with the armed forces of whatever nation they arise in.

It should be noted that while the term Dragonsworn is applicable to anyone sworn to the Dragon, it is generally used only towards groups by those in disapproval.

Notable Associations

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