Children of Light
Children of Light

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Archtype: Knight Templar
Profession: Cavaliers
Realm of Power: None

The Children have authority wherever the Light is, witch, and where the Light is not, we bring it."

— Dain Bornhald to Verin Sedai

The Children of the Light are a military organization dedicated to finding Darkfriends and rooting out evil and corruption wherever it may be found. Their zeal and military prowess makes them dangerous opponents. Their headquarters is the Fortress of the Light in the city of location:amador in location:amadicia. While they claim no political allegiance, for they are only loyal to the light, they effectively rule the country of Amadicia.

They typically refer to themselves as the Children. They are commonly referred to by others though, as "Whitecloaks" due to their snowy white cloaks, which they wear in all seasons and keep immaculately clean. This is not a name favored by the Children themselves.

The current Lord Captain Commander of the Children is Pedron Niall, one of the Five Great Captains of the Westlands.

The Way of the Light

The Way of the Light was a book written by Lothair Mantelar during the War of the Hundred Years. In it, he outlined a humble, simple life dedicated to serving the Light that he believed all should follow. He also asserted that touching the True Source was for the Creator alone, and that those humans who wielded it (namely Aes Sedai) were Darkfriends. The book became the basis for the ideology of the Children of Light

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