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There's no real organization. No governing body, or formal enforcement, but to be a blademaster has meaning in every civilized country in the world. Blademasters are the undisputed experts of sword based combat. Utilizing finely tuned forms, blademasters elevate swordplay into both art and science.

A blademaster may decorate their sword with a heron mark although it is not demanded of them. Only men who have complete mastery of the sword are given the privilege of carrying a heron-mark sword. Heron-mark swords may contain the heron on the blade, on the hilt, or on both.

IF you want to become a blademaster, you have to find 5 other blademasters to acknowledge you as an equal.

  • One does not need to be a Blademaster to own, or even to wear, a Heron Marked Blade - just as one does not need to be a Medal of Valor recipient to actually own or wear an Medal of Valor1. Though in both cases, the presumptuous wretch might encounter individuals whom may be offended at the insolence and in the former case may end in death.
  • One easy, though possibly deadly, path to becoming a Blademaster is to simply wear the Heron Blade and kill/defeat everyone who is affronted. Chances are you will meet the 5 Blademasters much faster than to search for them.

Wikied Blademasters

Wikied Sword Form Users

While these individuals are not decleared Blademasters, they have been formally trained and can use the Blademaster Style

Blademaster Style

Gorin Rogad stood watching as Rodrivar Tihera trotted to join the line of regulars forming against the incoming Trollocs. The fog of his thoughts – which had been closed around him for what he now realized was days – had begun to be purged by the Void, consumed by the Flame.

His eyes saw … with both depth and breath; and with inhuman acuity. Motion – no matter how slight or peripheral – caught his attention, filled his awareness. Judged inconsequential, threat, friend, or unknown: instinctive decisions yet no longer buried deep, now lurking just beneath the surface of his mind.

He could feel his every muscle, every tendon and bone, could concentrate on each one to the exclusion of all the others, achieving a spatial sensitivity that made control absolute. He could walk a forest floor in absolute silence, if he so wished. He could freeze, shielding even the breath he drew, and become perfectly motionless.

One does not have to be recognized as Blademaster to use the Blademaster style - but one does need to be shown. One simply cannot discover these highly developed sword forms without prior knowledge. Though are the popular legend of Jearom, perhaps the greatest blademaster on recorded history, who started as street urchins who secretly learned the forms via peeping over the walls of a dojo.

The blademaster's sword forms are highly standardized - perfected by eons of distillation. Each movement may be called different names by different regions, be it the "Swallow sweep the water" or "Boar exits the rush", the mechanical movements are identical - for they cannot be improved upon any further. What differentiates individual blademaster is down to individual talent and mastery of these katas.

  • Blademaster Style uses Advanced Progression and not Normal Progression
    • Not sure how powerful you want Blademasters to be compare to non-blade masters. Considering they already have the Flame and the Void. How much of an edge does being trained as a Blademaster have over the same person who is not trained as Blademaster.
  • Alternative: Each round the character can pick between 3 stances: Aggression, Precision, Defensive
    • Aggression adds +20 to OB, and counters Defensive (negating opponent stance bonus, and add +20 to own DB)
    • Defensive adds +20 to DB, and counters Precision (negating opponent stance bonus, and add +5 to own critical)
    • Precision adds +/-5 to Critical, and counters Aggression (negating opponent stance bonus, and add +20 to own OB)
    • Thus against those who are not using Blade Forms he can choose 1 of 3 bonuses, but against those who are also blademaster it becomes Paper, Scissior and Rock.
  • For every 5 OB the character lower his OB, he increase his initiative by 10
  • For every Step of 40 OB2 of skill he may attack 1 additional foe in 90 degree arc of each other
    • Penalty to each attack is -20 * number of target beyond 1
  • For every Step of 60 OB of skill he has in the weapon he may attack 1 addition foe in any arc
    • Penalty to each attack is -20 * number of target beyond 1
  • For every Step of 80 OB of skill he may attack the same target 1 additional times
    • Penalty to each attack is -30 * number of target beyond the first attack

So if a Blademaster has 100 OB + 30 with the Void Focus Bonus, he may attack twice each of the 4 foes who are foolish enough to stand before him within a 90 degree angle. He will have a penalty to each attack totaling (-20*3) + (-30 * 1) = -90. So against each target he has an OB of 130-90 = +40. Luckily he is using an honed blade, adding +20 to each attack. This blademaster just made 8 attacks at +60 OB each within 1 round. When a lesser warrior can only make 1 attack.

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