Myrddraal are Trolloc offspring, but are throwbacks to human origin (throwbacks to the animal side of their genetic heritage never survive). They are tall and pale, muscular and serpent-quick, but they have no eyes, which does not impair their vision in the slightest. Despite having no eyes they are said to have the vision of eagles in both light and darkness. Myrddraal are most often seen leading groups ("fists") of Trollocs, and sometimes "link" with them to achieve even greater control. However, this comes at a cost—dealing a Myrddraal a killing blow will instantly kill any Trollocs linked to it, even though the Myrddraal itself will not die "until the setting sun".

Myrddraal gain certain powers from the Dark One. They have the ability to cause paralyzing fear with a look and can vanish wherever there are shadows. They have few known weaknesses, one of which is that they do not like to cross running water.

Myrddraal wear black armor with overlapping scales, and black cloaks which do not stir in the wind. In battle a Myrddraal wields his sword with great skill and incredible speed. They are able to move between, or disappear into, shadows, wear cloaks that are constantly still and mirrors only reflect a misty image of them. Aginor, one of the Forsaken and creator of both Trollocs and (inadvertently) Myrddraal, theorized that they were "slightly out of phase with time and reality," but was unable to prove his thesis despite extensive, often fatal, testing. Their blood is acidic and will etch steel if not cleaned off. When killed they thrash around blindly for a time, often still holding their weapons, as if refusing to admit they are dead. They wield swords made at Thakan'dar, the forges on the slopes of Shayol Ghul, which are imbued with the soul of a human. (These humans are usually Borderlanders captured during Trolloc raids.) A Myrddraal's sword causes injuries that are almost always fatal if Aes Sedai Healing is not administered. The swords, however, only have a limited lifetime. Myrddraal have the uncanny ability to instill stark terror in anyone they gaze upon: "The look of the Eyeless is fear." The only things Myrddraal are known to fear are running water, the city Shadar Logoth, the half-Mordeth monster named Padan Fain, and the One Power. Myrddraal, along with Gray Men, are the only known creatures who do not dream. Even Trollocs have dreams.

Myrddraal are hated by the wolves more than any other shadowspawn. They are called the "Neverborn" by the wolves. A whole pack of wolves will willingly die trying to kill one Myrddraal.

Myrddraal have their place in the legend and lore of most of the world's (Randland's) societies, where they are known by many names: Halfmen, the Eyeless, Shadowrunners, Shadowmen, Lurk, Fetch, Fade, Neverborn. In most nations, they are treated about as seriously as bogeymen, but those in the Borderlands or who have had the misfortune to encounter them, know better.

  • Myddraal roll on Large Creature Table, making them incredibly difficult to kill.
    • Large Creatures ignore A Criticals
    • Myrddraal is not affected by effects that specifically target humans. They are significantly different enough.
  • Myddraals fights till their concussion hits go past negative constitution stat. They do not fall into comas. They also suffers no penalties for concussion hit loss.
  • Their +15 Magical Sword inflicts a level 10 Constitution Based Essence Poison on every critical, failure leads to cumulative -10 due to pain and fever for 6d10 minutes then death.
    • Treated as "Magical" on creatures that roll on Large and Super-Large Tables (such as when Myrddraal fights Myrddraal)
  • Their +15 Material Armor is AT 16 without any movement maneuver penalties
  • All their equipment carries the taint of Shayol Ghul where it was forged
    • Prolonged exposure saps Constitution Stat like Undead Aura

The Trolloc Bond

Myrddraal is capable of forming a supernatural link with Trollocs.

  • They add their level to their bonded Trolloc's mental resistance rolls (such as Fear, Charm, etc.)
    • This counters the Trolloc's biggest lability - their natural cowardice
    • It is unknown how such a bond is forged. Evidence seems to indicate that it is reversible.
  • If a Myrddraal is killed any Trolloc still linked to him must resist an Death effect equal to the Myrddraal's level. Failure means they drop screaming in agony for a few rounds before expiring.
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