Turak of House Aladon
Theme Song:
High Lord Turak

Picture Of: Patrick Stewart
Archtype: Supervillian
Profession: Custom Class (Duelist/Scholar)
Realm of Power: None

“How many people?”

“Eleven tribes. Forty thousand of the best-trained cavalry this world has ever seen.”

Kennar grunted. “And what can cavalry do against legions of infantry, Leoman?”

The desert warrior grinned. “Only change the face of war, old man.”

“It’s been tried before,” Kennar said. “What has made the Ever Victorious Army live up to its name is its ability to adapt, to alter tactics — even on the field of battle. You think the Empire has not met horse cultures before, Leoman? Met, and subdued - by the very man sitting before you.”

“And how did the he succeed? When every other has failed!”

“You define the limits of their region, the map of their seasonal rounds. You take and hold water sources, building forts and trading posts — for trade weakens your enemy’s isolation, the very source of their power. And, depending on how patient you are, you either fire the grasslands and slaughter every animal on four legs, or you wait, and to every band of youths that rides into your settlements, you offer the glory of war and booty in foreign lands, with the promise to keep the group intact as a fighting unit. Such a lure plucks the flower from those tribes, until none but old men and old women mutter about the freedom that once existed,” Turak replied dismissively.

The High Lord Turak of House Aladon was a Seanchan High Lord, and the original commander of the event:hailene

His head is shaved and the first two fingernails on his hands are lacquered blue. His nails are an inch long. He usually wears a long blue robe.

High Lord Turak is of the Blood, Seanchan nobility and is twelfth in line1 for the Crystal Throne.

  • He is the Best the Seanchan has to offer
  • He is a mixed man
  • He is very high level
  • He is a Seanchan Blademaster of exceptional prowess
    • Incredibly high SD Bonus combined with "The Flame and Void" Skill is a incredibly dangerous combination
    • So assuming he is level 25, which means he should have around 40 ranks = +50+20+10 = +80, +65 in level bonus = 145, +15 or so Rapid development = 160 + 25 ranks of Flame and Void = +185 + SD Bonus of 55 = 240. His sword is another +30.
      • This means he can parry with 90 OB and still max out the Table without even rolling.
    • And don't forget his 25 ranks of Adrenal Defense adding 75 to DB against Melee attacks or 37 against Missile Attacks
  • He has Tactics: Aerial

Background Options

  • Iron Will: Double SD bonus or raise to +10 whichever is higher2
  • +25 SD Modifier
  • Icy Logic: The character gains +35 to Re and +10 to SD Modifier but is -10 to Em Modifier (2 Background, Modified Cold Rationale and a +25 Stat bonus.
  • Good Battlefield Awareness: +25 to all orientation rolls made in combat. If a martial artist, penalty for making multiple attacks is -15/extra hit instead of -20. The character also receives a +25 to the skill, Reverse Strike. When in combat, he becomes so absorbed in dispatching his foes quickly that he pays little attention to everything else; -25 to Perception rolls not directly related to the current melee, and it is Hard to call the character's attention to anything not readily apparent to him.
  • Martial Arts Training: If a non-monk, PC may train in Martial Arts, Adrenal Moves, and Adrenal Defense as if he were a Monk. If he is a Monk, there is no penalty (i.e. subtraction) when using a weapon kata.
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