Tamlin al'Thor
Theme Song: Like A Rock

Tam watched them stride westward, knowing that should he see them again, it would be from the ranks of the Companions. And somehow they would be less than human then. The game the mind must play to unleash destruction. He’d stood amidst the ranks more than once, sensing the soldiers alongside him seeking and finding that place in the mind, cold and silent, the place where husbands, fathers, wives and mothers became killers. And practice made it easier, each time. Until it becomes a place you never leave.

Tam al'Thor

Picture Of: Ray Stevenson
Realm of Power: None

  • 2nd Captain of the Illianer Companions
  • Practices the Sword Forms + Void + Flame
  • is NOT declared as Blademaster although he has already been acknowledged a blade master by 4 other blademasters, all that is left is his own master, Gorin Rogad, currently, baring PC intervention, Tamlin will eventualy kill Gorin, Gorin will acknowledge him, Tamlin will be a blademaster and will receive a power wrought haron marked blade from a greatful king of Illian.

Background Options

  • Like a Rock: The kind of person you can put your faith in.
    • Gain +25 to all parries (Defensive Edge)
    • +20 to SD Modifier (+SD)
    • Has a one level critical reduction against all crushing, unbalancing and impact criticals. (Sturdy Build)
    • Those who are allies, troops, or henchmen under the PC never panic while he is well and in sight. (Look of Eagles)
  • Master Warrior Friend / Gorin Rogad

Other Bonuses

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