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Picture Of: Christina Hendricks
Archtype: Deadly Shadow
Profession: High Warrior Monk
Realm of Power: None

Selucia is a high ranking Seanchan da'covale and so'jhin to Tuon. She is described as Tuon's "shadow," her ever-present personal bodyguard. Although the reader is never given a clear account of Selucia's abilities as a bodyguard, there are a few instances where her deadliness is hinted.

  • She is a master of the deadly Nerve-Center Technique
    • To use the technique (SD/ST/AG) a Static Action roll should be made modified by the character's skill in the skill. Success indicate that the character's next attack will be directed at one of his opponent's critical nerve center.
    • -10 to OB per MA Attack Rank (Strike or Throw 1 to 4)
    • Stun %: Rank 1 - 5%/Skill Rank; Rank 2 - 6%/Skill Rank; Rank 3 - 7%/Skill Rank, Rank 4 - 8%/Skill Rank
      • A stunned opponent will remain in this state for 1 round/rank developed by the character in this skill
    • Paralyze %: Rank 1 - 3%/Skill Rank; Rank 2 - 4%/Skill Rank; Rank 3 - 5%/Skill Rank, Rank 4 - 6%/Skill Rank
      • An opponent in this state will be uanble to move in any way for 1 round for every rank of the technique developed by the attacker
    • Death %: Rank 1 - 1%/Skill Rank; Rank 2 - 2%/Skill Rank; Rank 3 - 3%/Skill Rank, Rank 4 - 4%/Skill Rank
      • This result indicate the character has struck one of the vital nerve areas with such force that the opponent must make a Co based RR vs the number of ranks developed in this skill or die due to massive neural damage. Succeeding the RR cause the opponent to automatically suffer the effects of Paralysis instead for double the normal duration
  • She is possibly the deadliest Seanchan combatant


Selucia spent the first twenty-five years of her life training to be nursemaid and bodyguard to the Seanchan royalty and was offered as a cradle gift to Tuon when she was born. For sixteen years she disciplined, taught, and guarded Tuon. Safely guiding her and together bested all rivals to become the Heir to the Crystal Throne. When Tuon reached adulthood, Selucia was given a piece of gold for each time she disciplined Tuon and the total was substantial. For her successful service she also earned her choice of any posting in the Empire. It surprised everyone when she chose to remain by Tuon's side.

Where ever Tuon is, her shadow is sure to follow and the two are inseparable. When Tuon joined event:hailene, Selucia is by her side. When Tuon chose to be taken prison by Mat Selucia followed as well. Though she vow to kill1 Mat should her mistress be harmed.

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