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Picture Of: Ashley Greene
Archtype: Damsel in Distress
Profession: Scholar - Historian
Realm of Power: None


  • One of the most beautiful woman in the world
  • A young Cairhienin noblewoman
  • Rides a beautiful white mare
    • EjVDlFh.jpg
  • Impeccable Schooling - including a very pure form of Old Realm
  • Father is a well known scholar and had an unparalleled library on the "Age of Legend"
    • After his passing Selene had to liquidate nearly all of it to pay creditors
    • Her noble house is now very minor and barely solvent
  • She has extensive knowledge of Age of Legend's Trivia
    • Can identify if something is from the Age of Legends or not
  • She suspects that David is a Ta'veren
    • How else to explain that when David is facing certain death, he happens to run into her, and she happens to recognize the Portal Stone, since it is described in one of her favorite books, and together they were able to figure out how to activate it and save everyone.
  • After David activated the Portal Stone it is reasonable to assume, being as smart as Selene is, she strongly suspects that David is the Dragon Reborn.

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