Rodrivar Tihera
Theme Song:
Rodrivar Tihera

Picture Of: Joel Edgerton
Archtype: Insurgant Instructor / Instigator / CIA Operative
Realm of Power:

Rodrivar was silent. He felt rent inside. The Dragon Reborn voiced the truth of war. It spoke true of the cruelty that humanity was capable of unleashing upon its own kind. War was played like a game by those who led others; played in an illusory arena of calm reason, but such lies could not survive reality, and reality seemed to have no limits. The Dragon held a plea for restraint, and insisted the glory to be found was not to be a blind one, rather a glory born of solemn, clear-eyed regard. Within limitless reality resided the promise of redemption.

Rodrivar is a talented Tarian Defender of the Stone. He is "under cover" and has been supplying and supporting Gorin Rogad in an attempt to weaken Tear's age old enemy Illian. In charge of many of Tears most secret missions, he carries no insignia of rank, no Tarian equipment, and has a perfect Illian accent.

  • Notes

Background options

  • What can Brown Do for you?
    • +15 Military Organization
    • +15 Administration
    • Geographic Awareness: +35 bonus to Mapping and Direction Sense (but not to Navigation.) Uncanny ability to memorize maps gives a +25 bonus to Navigation when a map has been studied more than ten minutes.
    • Judge of Weaponry: May determine the pluses or minuses, magical and non-magical, on weapons and armor

Session Notes

  • Has sublty spread rumors that Gorin may be the dragon reborn



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