Rodel Ituralde
Theme Song:
Rodel Ituralde

Picture Of: Peter Dinklage
Archtype: Sneaky Son of a Bitch
Profession: Rogue
Realm of Power: None

  • A bona fide Blademaster
  • One of the Five Great Captains of the Westlands
  • Bears the epithet "the wolf", though some refer to him as "the little wolf," behind his back, due to his short height.
    • He is just short, he is not a Dwarf (unlike the actor)

Background Options

  • Crafty: +15 to Tactics1
  • Danger Sense: GM may warn of general danger on a roll less than or equal to the PC's IN modification.
  • Disciplined: +25 to SD Modifier
  • Macro Thinker: The character gains 3 ranks for every 2 ranks purchased in Tactics. Military Organization skill costs are raised by 50%.2
  • Lucky: May modify any die roll directly concerning the character by either +5 or -5.
  • Natural Weapon Master: PC may develop skill ranks in one similar weapon category (1-H Edged); all weapons in that category may use that skill rank for their OB's.
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