Pedron Niall
Theme Song:
Pedron Niall

Picture Of: Peter O'toole
Archtype: Machiavellian Military Genius
Profession: Leader
Realm of Power: None

"…Soldiers’ humour. I never could understand it. Is fighting that important to you?"

"If you mean me, personally, then no, it isn’t. But for men like Pedron Niall, it's the sum total of their lives. They’re makers of history. Their gift is the power to command. What they do revises the scholar’s maps.

  • One of the Five Great Captains of the Westlands
  • Possibly the best strategic thinker of the Great Captains, in both military and political matters.
  • Honed the Children of Light into a fearsome military presence
  • Achieved total political/social control of location:amadicia
  • Not zealous but does see Aes Sedai as a dangerous presence that must be culled and controlled
    • He doesn't believe in the Prophecies of the Dragon, but will use it to the benefit of the Children of Light

Background Options

  • Commanding Presence: +25 Pr Bonus
  • Immovable Will: Immune to fear and charm attacks. Sleep attacks are halved for attack level and duration. +30 to all Willpower Contests.
  • Machiavellian: +15 Re Bonus. He is also an excellent tactician and strategist, +25 to such skills. The character has an almost skin-crawling ability to discard emotion in important situations and do what makes sense; Raise the Re bonus to +35 (an additional +20) in these situations if applicable. This can obviously, work against the character, and he always receives a -10 EM bonus.1
    • This does mean in a tactical situation in which discarding emotion and do the right thing is advantageous he receive as total of +60 to the roll from this Background alone.
  • Uncanny Insight: +20 to In Bonus and has an open-ended chance equal to his IN modification to receive information directly from the GM concerning an immediate tactical/political situation.2
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