Marya Somares
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Picture Of: Patricia Velásquez
Profession: Bard
Realm of Power: Mentalism

Marya Somares’ attention remained on the approaching Illianer. A hunter. A killer. One who probably also possessed the trait of long silences. She could imagine this Binadas, sharing a fire in the wilderness with Agelmar Jagad. In the course of an evening, a night and the following morning, perhaps a half-dozen words exchanged between them. And, she suspected, the forging of a vast, depthless friendship. These were the mysteries of men, so baffling to women. Where silences could become a conjoining of paths. Where a handful of inconsequential words could bind spirits in an ineffable understanding. Forces at play that she could sense, indeed witness, yet ever remaining outside them. Baffled and frustrated and half disbelieving.

Marya Somares is an Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah. She has great experience in negotiations.

  • Represenative of Tar Valon to the event:grandalliance
  • Sits on the council who negotiated the defense of Tar Valon during the Aiel War - The Grand Alliance
    • This is the final battle of the Aiel War, fought on the slopes of the Dragon Mount
  • She was advised by Azil Mareed, a Domani and commander of the Tower Guard.

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