Joiya Byir
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Joiya Byir

Picture Of: Estelle Lefébure
Realm of Power:

The man’s life unfolded in Joiya's mind. Before her, the respected councilor's path to betrayal. She saw a young noblemen, pure of heart, cruelly schooled not in virtue and faith, but in the cynical lessons of secular power struggles. Rule and administration was a viper’s nest, a ceaseless contest among small and petty minds with illusory rewards. A life within the group:assemblage that had hollowed out the man's soul. The self filled the new cavern of lost innocence, beset by fears and jealousies, to which malevolent acts were the only answer. The need for preservation made every virtue a commodity, to be traded away.

Byir Sedai appeares to be a handsome woman, with a friendly, motherly face. As a grey she is an expert mediator and serves has King Mattin Stepaneos's "hidden" Aes Sedai advisor. She works to increase Illians dependence on the white tower by indirectly working members of the council of 9, so that one day they can "force" King Stepaneos to publicly take an Aes Sedai advisor for the good of the country, some suspect he has one already, but there isn't any proof.

Session Notes

  • Byir Sedai has, deliberately, though through indirect means, set up Gorin Rogad as a False Dragon.
    • All accomplished without every meeting the man in person

Notable Associations

  • Grey Ajah
  • Black Ajah
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