Theme Song: Госудáрственный гимн Росси́йской Федерáции

Picture Of: Christian Bale
Race: High Men
Archtype: Devoted caretaker of a Sibling with an Fatal degenerative mental illness
Profession: Great Captain (Leader)
Realm of Power: None

David himself wished it, and in so saying rendered his brother’s heart. The price of acquiescence is as nothing to the pain of refusal. Yet James will surrender his life to this, and we’re likely to do the same. None of us — not even Apsalar — is cold-hearted enough to stand back, to see David taken. Dark One's breath, we are fools, and James the greatest fool of us all

  • Identical twin to his brother David
    • Near clones of each other
      • Same Build, Height, Weight, Mannerism, Smell, even their voice are incredibly familiar
    • There is no physical feature that differntiate them
  • Spent his entire life protecting him
  • His twin brother's patsy
    • Spend his entire life copying his brother's mannerisms
    • So in case his brother is ever suspected of Channeling he can deny the charge in his place
      • Otherwise they might have to resort to killing good people
  • Promised to end his brother's life when the Dark One's Taint drives him over the edge
  • One of those individuals who has powers but is not a channler
    • Can sense channeling and their sources
    • Can cause wounds that only be healed be magic
  • While the character is capable of advancing in "The Void and the Flame" he is not trained in Sword Forms.

Background Options

  • Undetectable Immortal Death Mark Assassin
    • Undetectable1: tripled resistance level against all Scrying, Detection, and related Effects. Character has no magical aura.
      • Due to having no magical aura those who can see the aura around Ta'verens will not sense him as such
      • Min's ability to see Auras around people will not work on him
    • Immortal: Cannot die via violent means. This is not invulnerability, it just means all wounds, including illness and poison, eventually heals.
      • This regeneration is natural and can regenerate body parts - though very slowly.
      • Being natural it is affected by effects that enhance healing - such as a spell that double the healing rate
      • Healing is perfect leaving no deformities or scars
    • Death Mark: Cost 5 Exhaustion Points to activate. When the character delivers his next critical strike, the wounds caused can only be healed through magical means. Bleeding will not stop, concussion hits will not heal, broken bones will not set and mend, etc.
    • Assassin: The character is either an extremely gifted natural or has received master training as a professional killer. he develops Ambush skill at the Assassin's cost. If already of the Assassin profession he may develop a third rank at 6, making it 1/2/6.
  • Mana Sensing: PC's neck hairs prickle around a great power source, enchanted location, etc.
  • +20 to Agility Modification
  • +20 to Quickness Modification

Other Bonuses

  • Double Life: For as far back as the character can remember situation have forced him to interchange his identity with his twins. This life long practice means their default difficulty to impersonate each other is "Trivial" and not "Medium". This effectively translates into a +50 Bonus to Disguise and Acting as each other.


Notable Associations


Session Notes

  • [Session 01]: Rallied the disordered Regulars into semblance of shape and allowed Gorin Rogad time to slay the Myrddraal and thus ending the Trolloc attack
    • Gorin owes David his life
    • Without Gorin, however, everyone would have died
  • [Session 01]: Did not try to end the Dragon Reborn before the inevitable war is started by him or on his behalf.
    • David felt that he has yet to do anything wrong.
    • Gorin Rogad within the next year Gorin would declear himself Dragon Reborn and end up plunging Illian into a bloody civil war.
      • Thousands will be killed and even more become refugees.
      • Gorin would be so successful in his campaign that his Dragonsworn army manage to lay siege on the capital city of Illian itself.
      • Though he will ultimately be defeated (or perhaps betrayed by Rodrivar Tihera2) when he is on the verge of success and inevitably sets his sights on location:tear next.
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