Gorin Rogad
Theme Song:
Gorin Rogad

Picture Of: Chris D'Elia, Actor/Comedean
Archtype: Dupe
Profession: Lvl 15 Duelist (40 Ranks(+85), +3 lvl bonus(+45), Rapid(+15), Warrior Extr (+10), Stat Bonus(+10)Stat Bonus (+5)) ~160OB
Realm of Power: None

Nynaeve frowned. He was so casual about it, a man discussing the day's hunting, yet it was his own downfall he spoke of, and every word another nail in Elaida's coffin. Maybe in a coffin for the whole Red Ajah. if the Reds had pushed Logain to name himself the Dragon Reborn, could they have done the same for Gorin Rogad or Mazrim Taim? Perhaps for all the false Dragons throughout history? She could all but see the thoughts turning in the Altarans' minds like gears in a mill, reluctantly at first, then spinning faster and faster.

Despite no be able to channel he do claim himself to be the dragon reborn. He is however an extraordinary warrior, and a bonified blademaster. A full quarter of those who now call themselves companions broke there teeth under his tutelage including his protegee Tamlin al'Thor.

  • Gorin Rogad do be an Illianer
  • Part of a minor Illian rebellion
  • Rumors and omen however are swelling that he may be the dragon reborn.
  • Manage to rampage across the countryside and lay siege to the great city of Illian

Background Option

  • Warrior Extraordinaire: In the character's hands, all melee weapons gain +10 OB. He may develop a 3rd Rank on his Primary Weapon Group at the same cost as the 2nd rank, or at 6, whichever is higher.
  • Defensive Intuition: Exceptional parrying ability. Character may add 1.25x the amount subtracted from OB to his DB; ie. If he parries 20, he may add 25 DB. Missile weapons may also be parried at .5x the amount subtracted. Moreover, he may parry any foe who does not receive a "Rear" attack. The character uses so much concentration on parrying and dodging frontal attacks that he remains unfortunately static to attacks from the rear. Add an additional +15 to such attacks, or to any subduing attacks from behind.
  • Strong Willed: +10 SD
  • Follower of the Old Ways: The PC believes in the power of the old ways and all the myths and taboos associated with it. His behavior is governed by superstition, such as tossing bits of salt over his shoulder, do not cross the path of a black cat, etc. and his morale is influenced by bad "omens".

Other Bonuses

  • Can use Sword Forms
  • 15 Ranks in Void and Flame
  • Master Defensive Instructor: Gorin's Tutalage, what Gorin does intuitively he may impart to some measure to his students forms and provides those who follow his way the following bonuses:
    • Master Warrior Friend: The character has a friend who will train him in his primary weapon. He learns one additional rank per level at a Development Point cost of 8
    • Every time a student takes advantage of the 3rd rank under his direct tutelage he gains: 2% Defensive Intuition Bonus (to all parries to a max of 1.25x)
    • This is the same as "Defensive Intuition" Background and the two is not cumulative

Session Notes

  • [Session 01]: The Trollocs during the attack made it clear they were seeking the Dragon Reborn. This combined with the long standing rumors and omens finally convinced Gorin that he is indeed the accursed Dragon Reborn.

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