Artur Paendrag Tanreall
Artur Hawkwing
Artur Hawkwing

Picture Of:
Archtype: King Arthur Pendragn
Profession: …the Great
Realm of Power: None

Artur Paendrag Tanreall (pronounced: AHR-tuhr PAY-ehn-DRAG tahn-REE-ahl) (FY FY 912 - 994), better known in legend as Artur Hawkwing, is the king referred to in many legends who united all the lands west of the Spine of the World as a single Empire. After uniting the lands, becoming High King, his subsequent death sparked the War of the Hundred Years. His sign was a golden hawk in flight.

  • The strongest Ta'veren in recorded history
  • Became Archnemsis of The White Tower
  • His sword is a Power Wrought Blade named "Justice"

War of the Second Dragon

When Guaire Amalasan falsely declared himself the Dragon Reborn in FY 939 and begun a slow advance on the city of Tear, the Aes Sedai organized several armies to be sent against him. All were defeated, apart from those led by Tanreall, who always managed to escape or stalemate Amalasan. By FY 942 he was called Hawkwing, the name reflecting the swiftness with which he and his army could move. In the spring of FY 943 he captured Amalasan using tactical brilliance at the Battle of Jolvaine Pass.

He went to Tar Valon with his army, taking Amalasan to justice. However, in doing so he violated the law that no army outside of White Tower control can be brought onto Tar Valon's territory without permission (history is divided on whether the Aes Sedai accompanying his army gave him this permission or not, but it is known they were disciplined and given penances after returning to the Tower). Bonwhin Meraighdin, the Amyrlin Seat, gave Hawkwing five days to rest his army and leave, but the city was attacked by forces loyal to Amalasan and Tar Valon was forced to request Hawkwing's aid. Although Hawkwing defeated the attacking army and put it to rout, Bonwhin does not appear to have been grateful, but rather angered. Historical records indicate they parted on bad terms. Soon Caembarin, Tova and Khodomar had launched attacks on Shandalle, claiming that Hawkwing was a power-hungry conqueror who was subverting attempts to restore order in Amalasan's former territories. Historical records indicate that Hawkwing believed Bonwhin to be behind these attacks. He kept winning the battles, and continued to conquer territories in what became known as the Consolidation from FY 943 to 963.

High King

After the Consolidation, Artur held the world peacefully for twenty-three years. Seven rebellions were all suppressed, one by the people themselves. A Trolloc invasion in FY 986 to 987 was also soundly defeated.
Jalwin Moerad came to his court in FY 973, and convinced Artur to sack every Aes Sedai in his employ, many of whom had positions of power, including his adviser, in FY 974. He also put a price on the head of every Aes Sedai who wouldn't denounce the White Tower. He laid siege to the White Tower until near his death.

He sent 300,000 soldiers and settlers across the Aryth Ocean in FY 992 led by his son Luthair. In FY 993 he sent another fleet of the same size under one of his daughters to Shara. This second fleet was entirely destroyed, and all contact with Luthair's fleet was lost.


Artur died in FY 994 from a sudden illness at the age of 82. His death, with no known heirs, triggered the War of the Hundred Years. The people and government of Mayene claimed that his grandson Tyrn sur Paendrag Mashera had survived to become the inaugural First of Mayene, but this claim was not accepted outside of Mayene.


He was loved by the commoners, appointing people according to ability, not bloodline. The commoners got a subscription going and built a giant statue of him in his proposed city, near present-day Caemlyn. The city never got past the drawing board.

Artur married Amaline in FY 937 and had four children. Modair was killed in battle in FY 959. Amaline and the other three children, including Modair's twin sister Amira, were all poisoned in FY 961. He believed the White Tower was behind the poisonings, dismissing his adviser Chowin Tsao. He also became harsh and brutal. Tamika helped Artur get over their deaths and rescind some of his harsher edicts. She married him in FY 965 and had four or five children including Luthair and Laiwynde.

Ba'alzamon claims responsibility for some of Hawkwing's harsher moves when he first summons Rand to the Dream World.

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