Alanna Mosvani
Theme Song: Childhood Memory
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Picture Of: Morena Baccarin
Archtype: Wanderlusting Southern Belle Firebrand
Profession: Elementalist
Realm of Power: Essence

David subsided, muttering under his breath. Gods, I wish the world was full of passive, mewling women. He thought about that a moment longer, then scowled. On second thought, what a nightmare that’d be. It’s the job of a man to fan the spark into flames, not quench it

She is slim, graceful, and beautiful with long black hair and penetrating dark eyes.

  • Southern Belle Accent
  • Parents were both soldiers of the Arafel who fell in battle against the Trolloc hordes
  • Placed in an orphanage where she took to learn all she can in the hopes of avenging her parents
  • When her spark awoke at the age of 12 she struck out on her own
    • Being a woman with the Spark she is Strong in the One Power
    • She is one of the rare females skilled with element of fire
    • Her mastery of earth is only slightly above average
  • Starting out with no money and no provisions she still managed to reached Tar Valon
  • She was an Accepted with Sheriam Bayanar (her Pillow Friend), Moiraine Damodred and Siuan Sanche
  • Frustrated by the slow pacing of Tower training her behavior earned her one demerit after another
  • One day she exited the tower on yet another penance outside of the tower, but this time she just kept on walking seeking the rumor that in Ebou Dar is another group that can teach her the skills needed to battle the spawns of the Dark One. One that is does not share the White Tower's indifference and apathy towards the plights of the Accepted.

Background Options

  • Resistance: PC receives a +25 bonus for RR's for Mentalism.
  • Herbalist: PC naturally recognizes and may use herbs and poisons. +50 to Cookery skill and Foraging.
  • Danger Sense: GM may warn of general danger on a roll less than or equal to the PC's IN modification.
  • +15 to AP modification.
  • +15 to SD modification.
  • +15 to Co Modification

Other Modifiers

  • Aes Sedai of the current age have long ago lost the knowledge to shape weave by sheer will. Now they must use, however minor, somatic elements. Can be as simple as a throwing gesture to cast fireball, or a point gesture to cast Projected Light.

Known Weaves

  • Ball of Light (3, Open Essence, Individual Spell, F, D: C, R: Self): Creates a physical ball of light bright enough to light a 10'R area. The ball is a easy spell to maintain and just requires 5% activity for concentration instead of the normal 20%.
  • Shield (2, Close Essence, Shield Mastery, F*, D: 1min/lvl, R:S): Creates a transparent shield of solidified air in front of the caster; it subtracts 25 from melee and missile attacks and functions as a normal shield


Notable Associations


Session Notes

  • [Session 02]: Players find Alanna captured by bandits.
    • She is feverish, delirious, famished, in pain and unable to summon the one power
      • Due to taking a risk on a Herb that could have been delicious tea or deadly poison
    • Between her stomach grumbles she feverishly raves her pleads of "Ebou Dar, must find group:kin in Edou Bar."

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