Agelmar Jagad
Theme Song:
Agelmar Jagad

Picture Of: Ron Perlman in "Season of the Witch"
Archtype: Badass Protector
Profession: Leader
Realm of Power: None

The hand of vengeance stayed cold only so long. Any soul possessing a shred of humanity could not help but see the reality behind cruel deliverance, no matter how justified it might have at first seemed. Faces blank in death. Bodies twisted in postures no-one unbroken could achieve. Destroyed lives. Vengeance yielded a mirror to every atrocity, where notions of right and wrong blurred and lost all relevance.

Agelmar Jagad in a speech to his Lieutenants on the dangers of hate

Agelmar Jagad, Lord of location:faldara, is the nephew of King Easar of Shienar and commander of Shienar's armies.

Background Options

  • Bane of the Dark: PC may select one creature type [Shadowspawn] on which all his critical will be "slaying".
  • Horse-lord: +25 bonus to all skill involving Horses, such as tactics, animal handling, training, riding.1
  • Righteousness: While in combat, all allies gain +10 to OBs and DBs; Foes make Fear Resistance Roll against his Level or fight at -20.2

Other Bonuses

  • Of Ancient Blood: Shienar
    • Inner Strength: Resist Fear and Emotional Manipulation at +30
    • Geas: Protective of Womenfolk3
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